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Christmas Gifts for Columbo

I think it was 2 years ago someone put up a post similar to this. Question is what would U get our favorite detective?? Ill start....

A subscription to the Cigar of the month club. If there is such a thing!!

Re: Christmas Gifts for Columbo

He never seems to have a match, or a pencil, so maybe a lifetime supply of both -- or a lighter, although I suspect he would lose it immediately, if only among his many pockets. A tough challenge because Columbo is impossible to shop for, as even his wife found out when she tried to replace his raincoat. (The cigars are an exception because he burns them up and always needs another.) Columbo is a man who is happy with exactly what he's got. I doubt he would even want a new car, or a new house. But if anyone does have gifts for Columbo, here at least is a tree to put them under (as imagined by the National Enquirer) -- we haven't run this one for some years. Merry Christmas, Fred!:


Re: Christmas Gifts for Columbo

I would give him lots of orange juice and lots of eggs.

Happy Holidays to all.

Re: Christmas Gifts for Columbo

Handcuffs since he never seems to carry them. I don't think he ever cuffed a suspect in the entire series.