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D. E. Rusk

I have always wondered how Professor Rusk determined that the two imbeciles stole the test. It was never revealed to my knowledge in the episode was it?

Also part 2 of that scenario is when Justin is in the professor's office. You almost get the feeling that Professor Rusk, after a week of cooling down period, "may" have been willing to work something out with those two idiots. Anybody else get that impression?

Re: D. E. Rusk

Rusk was a guy who wasn’t afraid to rattle cages. He investigated organized crime and named names (READ IT!). So I think he agreed to meet with Mr. Rowe as a courtesy, but I don’t think he was going to be bullied into letting Justin off the hook. Coop and Justin were the quintessential entitled brats that had it coming to them.

Re: D. E. Rusk

Rusk was 100% no frills, no games With a very cut-and-dry personality. And he was not about to let those two punks get away with what they did. He probably would have flunked the both of them. And good ole Jordan Rowe Would have been so humiliated. He probably would have quit as counsel for the school