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Just 2 Things: Rockstar Question and Shera Danese

In the episode Columbo and the Murder of a Rock Star, I wonder what Trish gets charged with. If anything. Hugh sends out on that special assignment that she had no idea What it was about at the time.

Yet later on someone must have figured out that she knew something about the murder.


Was Shera Danese over used in the series? I say so, but its just one guys' opinion.

Re: Just 2 Things: Rockstar Question and Shera Danese

She could have been charged with accessory after the fact just like projectionist Roger White in Double Exposure since she figured out that Hugh killed Marcy and then did nothing about it but used that knowledge to her advantage.

As far as Shera being overused, I liked her in some roles and didn't like her in others. I didn't like her in this role or in A Trace of Murder or Murder: A Self Portrait. I liked her in Murder Under Glass and she's the best thing about Undercover. Her role in Fade in to Murder wasn't really big enough to judge.