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Re: Columbo's "Last Words"

#3 is “Publish or Perish”.

Re: Columbo's "Last Words"

#3 is “Publish or Perish”.
My second choice.
After I posted AFID I remembered this ep!

Re: Columbo's "Last Words"

9 is from Columbo and the Murder of a Rock Star

Re: Columbo's "Last Words"

Nice job, Columbo scholars! The answers:

1.) "I understand, sir." - MURDER UNDER GLASS

2.) "You know what it was? It was me." - A STITCH IN CRIME

3.) "I guess you see my point." - PUBLISH OR PERISH

4.) "Yes you did." - MURDER BY THE BOOK

5.) "Do I really look like that?" - MURDER, A SELF PORTRAIT

6.) "I think I know the right button." - MAKE ME A PERFECT MURDER

7.) "And I got a feeling that the reason I became a cop was to make up for all those jokes I played when I was a kid." - DEATH LENDS A HAND

8.) "You're under arrest, sir." - CANDIDATE FOR CRIME

9.) "What in the hell is that?" - COLUMBO AND THE MURDER OF A ROCK STAR

10.) "Let alone carry him down the stairs." - DOUBLE SHOCK