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Re: Which Victim Really Had it Coming

This is just my opinion but I feel like most blackmailers have it coming. Not the point the finger at anybody specific in the series but blackmailing is definitely a high motive for killing.
Wasn't Edna blackmailing Tommy Brown?

Re: Which Victim Really Had it Coming

Gene Stafford in "Exercise In Fataliy" is near the top of "You asked for it" because the man has no sense of cautionary tact to realize that openly threatening a guy who he *knows* could at the very least rough him up physically is just......DUMB.

Lessing certainly deserved it and it was an accident. That was why the script then had to give us Vivica committing a second pre-meditated murder so that the audience at the end wouldn't feel sorry for her when she gets caught.

Re: Which Victim Really Had it Coming

I would say Tony Galper in "Columbo Likes the Nightlife."

He wasn't just a bad guy, but his death was an accident while Vanessa was defending herself.

In the same episode, Linwood was also a despicable victim, but that was a cold-blooded murder, which makes it harder for me to say he "deserved" it.

Re: Which Victim Really Had it Coming

I was seriously considering those two also quid.

Re: Which Victim Really Had it Coming

Yeah, Edna got what she deserved!

Re: Which Victim Really Had it Coming

I don't know about deserving it, but Karl Lessing really "asked for it."
Not only did he PRETEND he was willing to negotiate with Viveca, he also pretended that he wanted HER back.

Re: Which Victim Really Had it Coming

Another vote for this bum.

Jesse Jerome.
Everybody hated the creep. He treated his business partner and staff like dirt.

And, worst of all...
He was willing to ignore Santini's secret career in the Nazi SS if he paid him off; and....Jerome was Jewish.

Santini deserved a medal....before we gassed him.