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Re: Columbo Quiz

quid - rethink #7. its a bit tricky. hint its a later episode than College.

Re: Columbo Quiz

Number 7 is later than any other episode I believe. It’s from: “Columbo Likes The Nightlife” when Vanessa Farrell is arguing with Justin about what to do with Tony’s body. I think I got all of the others. This was an interesting quiz. Every line was memorable. I could almost hear Ken Franklin sneering at Columbo.

Re: Columbo Quiz

Ya got me Fred!:blush:

Re: Columbo Quiz

(1) Ransom for a Dead Man - Leslie

(6) Ashes to Ashes - Roger -when he realizes the dog has been locked up all night.

(Don't want to answer too many, better to leave some for others)

Thanks for these, Fred! FRED?? FRED???

Re: Columbo Quiz

(4) "Death Hits The Jackpot."

Like many fans of the original, my knowledge of the later version is incredibly sketchy, so that's one of the few quotations from it I COULD get.

Re: Columbo Quiz

(8) is Negative Reaction.

Re: Columbo Quiz

11. "No, I'm asking YOU. I'm asking you about a murder." - A Deadly State of Mind

13. "We already talked to him, we can't hold him Artie's got an alibi for both nights." - A Fried In Deed

Re: Columbo Quiz

#9 sounds like taken from "The Greenhouse Jungle", said about Sgt. Wilson. Who said it? Probably another cop, when Columbo arrives to see the wrecked car.

Re: Columbo Quiz

Great quiz.

#9 is from Last Salute to the Commodore. It is referring to the Lieutenant training Mac the young new homicide detective.

Re: Columbo Quiz

Great quiz.

#9 is from Last Salute to the Commodore. It is referring to the Lieutenant training Mac the young new homicide detective.

Aargh! I knew I wasn't going to have it right.

(Watching the episodes in Spanish, as I do, doesn't help, though it's no excuse.)

I'll watch "Commodore" next.

Re: Columbo Quiz

#12 - "Murder By the Book" - spoken by Ken Franklin (followed by the line, "Mrs. Melville would have figured that out right away!")

#14 - "Make Me a Perfect Murder" - spoken by Kay in Mark's office.


AS I THOUGHT YOU GUYS DID GREAT!! Here are the answers

1. "Ransom for a Dead Man" spoken by Leslie

2. "Try and Catch Me" Spoken by A. Mitchell

3. Nobody got this. It was from "A Bird in the Hand" spoken by Dolores when Columbo was making her watch the video tape in her home of the car exploding.

4. "Death Hits the Jackpot" Spoken by Columbo to his staff when checking the bath tub.

5. "Now You See Him" Spoken by the illustrious Sgt. Wilson.

6. "Ashes to Ashes" spoken by Roger Gambles - or "Gambler"

7. "Columbo Likes the Nightlife." Spoken by Vanessa Farrow

8. "Negative Reaction" Spoken by Galesko.

9. "Last Salute to the Commodore". Spoken by Sergeant Kramer about Theodore Albiksky

10. "Swan Song" Columbo said it to Mr. Pangborn.

11. "A Deadly State of Mind: Spoken by Columbo to Dr. Anita Borden.

12. "Murder by the Book." Spoken by Franklin.

13. "A Friend in Deed" Spoken by Lt. Duffey regarding Artie Jessup

14. "Make me a Perfect Murder." Spoken by Kay Freestone to Columbo.