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Looking for a speech by Peter Falk

Hello from Spain,

I haven't been to the site or the forum for ages, but being a true fan, I do watch my Columbos whenever I can, and our sad present situation, with everybody confined indoors, has left me some free time (not as much as I'd like, as I must telework), so you can imagine what I'm doing in it!

Anyway, I'd like to ask you a question about something which I think is related to Peter Falk, though I might be wrong. I seem to remember watching a speech he made on accepting some award, where he said that he wasn't just happy to have won, that he was delighted (and people laughed a lot on hearing that). Do you happen to know what speech is that?

I expected it to be his funny 1972 Emmy acceptance speech, but I've watched it again, and it isn't. Well, my memory's so bad that it might be someone completely different, but I cannnot imagine who it may be, and both what is said, and what I remember of the way it is said, point to Falk. Because it's not Columbo, is it?

To thank you for your help, here you have the 1972, 1975, 1976 and 1990 Emmy speeches (I particularly love the first one):

Thanks a lot, and take lots of care in these difficult times.

Re: Looking for a speech by Peter Falk

Hi, Vergara! It's great to hear from you. Sorry I can't help with the speech that you are asking about. Thanks for the links!

Re: Looking for a speech by Peter Falk

Hi Ted,

Great to you see you! I'm starting to believe it wasn't Peter Falk who gave that speech, since no one has been able to tell what speech it was... Though I seem to remember him saying that in his mumbling, looking-downwards way.