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Re: "Murder by the book" - what was the evidence?

Big Jake
All the cards are often not face up when the killer folds. When Franklin didn’t want Columbo to keep reading the idea on the scrap of paper, there’s implication that the continuation would bear a similar pattern to the murder plot. That’s part of the fun stuff. Then there’re phone records: the call from the cabin. Immediately after that call, Mrs. Ferris called the police – the back-to-back timing on these calls can easily be worked out. The call record from Lily Lasanka’s store can also be factored in. It’s really about the entertainment though: Franklin (in the presence of the officer), “You gotta admit I had you goin’” – and yeah, I suppose Franklin, not being a writer, would not think “that idiot would ever write it down.”
You and Catz have correctly noted the timing of the phone calls points to Franklin's duplicity. ( maybe the ending would have worked better if he made more of this).Coupled with his written description of the ruse, you have strong a case.
Thanks guys, I can now move this episode into my ' top ten' !

Re: "Murder by the book" - what was the evidence?

Hafta give props to Sheldon Catz
He wrote that if you put the phone calls in sequence you must conclude that Ferris called his wife from the cabin
I had that comment spinning in my head for hours before I could wrap my head around it!