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Any Old Pocket in the Storm

There are two things which have always bothered me about "Any Old Port in a Storm" (one of my favorite episodes, by the way):

(1) Where did Columbo hide the 1945 vintage Ferrier Port? I mean, he's ALWAYS looking for papers, pencils, car diagrams, checkbooks, notebooks, etc. in his raincoat, jacket and shirt. But a wine bottle? When he leaves the vault with Carsini, Columbo opens his coat and you can clearly see that there is no 1945 vintage Ferrier Port hiding in a pocket. Even if it were, the bulk of such an item would heavily sway the jacket and make his fumbling about while walking away from Carsini painfully obvious (painful, too, for the bottle would probably swing back and forth and thump him on the leg).

(2) Why does Carsini turn off the A/C in the cellar? Makes no sense. After being away for a week, Rick would die from starvation or dehydration, not lack of air. Why risk his incredible collection of wines. He could have just bopped him in the head to make sure he was dead, rather than risk "an incredible athlete" recovering enough to get loose. (which he tried to do, as evidenced by the mess strewn about when Carsini returned from NYC)

Re: Any Old Pocket in the Storm

He turned off the air to suffocate him. This would enforce the theory that he died of suffocation while diving in the ocean.

" Well that clears that up!"

Re: Any Old Pocket in the Storm

Yes, but that was a large vault - probably with more than enough air for him to survive the week.

Re: Any Old Pocket in the Storm

Would you like to test that theory?
I have a climate controlled wine cellar.


Re: Any Old Pocket in the Storm

Yes but if you remember, he wasn't quite dead when he came back from his trip. Casino senior had to finish him off.