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Re: Aftermaths

Great topic!

I've thought about two of the ones you brought up...

Fielding Chase's daughter - I like to think her dream of becoming an author finally came true and she was able to live happily, out from under the gray shadow of her adopted father.

Mrs. Alex Benedict (and the entire orchestra for that matter) - The orchestra, at least, continued to prosper after finding an aspiring young Scottish conductor by the name of Findlay Crawford to replace Benedict...
Thats hilarious! Then poor Findlay suffers the same fate. Boy orchestras take it HARD in this series.

We also are left to speculate who would have win the big chess match between Clayton and Dudek had there not been a murder. No "winner by default" here only one big loser. Wonder if there are chessboards in jail.

Re: Aftermaths

On the flip side are those who may have benefited. For instance, Everett Logan. At the end of the episode, he had been fired and all trust that Doris had in him had been lost. At Roger's trial, the truth comes out and Doris realizes that she was in the wrong concerning Everett. She may place him in the position of President of Stanford Chemicals and give Ms. Bishop her job back.

Re: Aftermaths

You have to hope the Carsini Winery stays in business through some owner or other (for Adrian's sake, hopefully not the Marino Brothers). One of the nicest things Columbo ever says to a killer is that simple line "It'll go on, sir."