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Columbo's Car on Adam-12

Thanks, Fred, for bringing up the appearance of Columbo's car on "Adam-12" -- it's in the Season 4 episode "Citizens All". The "plot" is a collection of vignettes where Reed and Molloy encounter a series of eccentrics and nut-jobs who seem to have a grudge against cops, and of course the cops solve every crime.

The Peugeot appears in this scene, with a somewhat outrageous looking woman who waits for them by a giant ice machine and reports a smash-and-grab robbery, where somebody hit her Peugeot from behind, then got her purse. The car is unmistakable -- there's even a glimpse of the familiar license plate 044-APD, and you can see a bit of the car's interior including the wiry after-market windshield defroster on the dashboard, where Columbo likes to stor his parking tickets.

Of course they catch the guy near the end, a log-haired teen who, sure enough, is wearing a white t-shirt with a big black swastika drawn on it. Your pretty typical Jack Webb production -- "The names have been changed to protect the innocent."

The red-haired actress is, alas, not Tina Louise or Barbara Rhoades or Marilu Henner, but a redhead named Jo Anne Meredith. She apparently did a handful of shows of a certain vintage, including "The FBI, "Emergency!, " "Cannon" and "The Partridge Family." He accent must be heard to be not believed.

I managed to rent it from Netflix and here it is, I hope. Enjoy!

Re: Columbo's Car on Adam-12

Thank you Ted. Actually I can't take credit for spotting the car ,I just posted that it would be interesting to see Columbo work with Reed & Malloy and it was you actually Ted, who remembered Headache's post and put up the picture.

FYI MeTv here in the US are showing two episodes of Adam-12 every night. I think there on season 2 right now.

Re: Columbo's Car on Adam-12

I know it's crazy, but it occurs to me that, since the woman was driving Columbo's car, right down to the license plate, logically she must be his wife. (She gave a different name, presumably her maiden name.) Clearly she is, like Columbo, a transplant from New York. Mrs Columbo, revealed! Although, admittedly, she isn't much like we imagined.