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Re: Prescription: Murder

Great idea!!! About eight years ago give or take I did a rundown on this forum of every episode one by one and it's going to be fun to go through these with you again.

As far as Prescription Murder is concerned, I also agree that the Tommy thing was a setup. In fact Dr Fleming afterwards tells Columbo that he thinks the boy is lying.

I'm going to keep my replies short to give other people a chance to weigh in on the subjects. This is a great idea. Going through all of these episodes one at a time.

Re: Prescription: Murder

Thank you for your comments. I appreciate
DirQ, yes I think you are right about Dr. Flemming coming back home, he saw all the suspicious circumstances and he didn't even say a word.
About Tommy I was thinking that it was a set up made by Columbo but I wanted to hear another opinions.
Fred, thank you for your nice words, and yes, I remember you doing the same thing here, episode by episode, I always had a great pleasure to read it and enjoy :)

Re: Prescription: Murder

NOW YOU SEE HIM had a delayed entrance of 30 or so minutes.
All those lame magic tricks really padded the otherwise good episode.