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Murder by the book


It is me again, Now I'd like to share some things about Murder by the book. I know I skipped Ransom for a dead man, but all my observations there are identical with what has been said here on that forum. Anyway, during this Corona crisis I have more time to watch movies so I watched also Murder by the book.
- what do you think James Ferris meant by "serious writing"?
- do you think he wanted to make some new novels, or start to write in totaly other branch?
- the list of names which Franklin used - where did he take that names from? were they real?
- maybe nitpicking, but Ken gave this list to Jim for only a while, isn't it suspicious that his fingerprints are only on some small part of that piece of paper?
- I love the scene when Columbo says he's making pest of himself and Franklin answers "Nooooo"
- I know that number of times on this forum people said that last clue was weak. I don't think that way. Columbo had a lot of other things leading to it, so that final sclue was only to pin Ken down. Plus when he was reading the scenario, he said "should I go on?" maybe in the further part there were more clues or evidences to prove Ken's guilt
- it is sad to see Lilly La Sanka and Ken franklin together knowing that both of them died not so long after making this episode, and both deaths were totaly sad