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Death lends a hand

I have not so much observations about this episode, because so much have been said here. - I can say I enjoy much more Ray Milland here than in the greenhouse jungle.
- some people were saying about technical aspects of the scene when you see action in the glasses of mr Brimmer, personally I am not a fan, I don't know on which glass I should focus, left or right :)
- Brimmer says that he shares ability of being ambidextrous with 10% of population, I doubt it, I'd rather say that 10% of people are left handed
- can somebody maybe confirm if the Brimmer's office is the same room that was used for Leslie Williams's office in Ransom for a dead man?
- I've noticed that the sculpture (I'm not sure if that is a proper english word) of an archer behind Brimmer (when he spekas with Mrs. Kennicut) is the same sculpture which was on Friend in Deed behind Halperin in his office
- I love the scene in golf court when Columbo tells Archer that he has a nose for this kind of things

Re: Death lends a hand

Brimmer would not have been convicted of murder. Probably Voluntary Manslaughter. Still a killer though. His office is 'years ahead' of what they have at police headquarters yet somehow Columbo allegedly puts a potato in his tail pipe to disable the car. How? There must be cameras all over that parking garage. Overall a good episode. Probably 6-7 on the scale of 1-10.