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Dead weight

Another episode is behind me :)
- can you people explain what the title means? is that some word game? a pun?
- I am not a big fan of that episode, and every time I "have to" watch it I'm not so keen on it... I don't know why. First of all I don't like the final clue made by Columbo. It is not surprising at all
- is that true that Peter Falk had some problems with filming crew during making this episode? what was it about?
- it bothers me a little when Columbo asks gen. Hollister about his gun and he replies that a duplicate has been made. Wasn't it realy easy for Columbo to call or ask the company which make a duplicate if that is true or not? Then he'd find out immediately who is the murderer?

Re: Dead weight

Hi Matti, I agree that Dead Weight is one of the weakest earlier episodes. The payoff clue isn't great either.

The term "dead weight", refers to something that you have to lug/carry around with you that has no value. For example, let's say that your favorite soccer/football team has an aging player with diminished skills who must be paid for three more years at a high salary. This man doesn't help younger players, he is bad for team morale and fans don't like him so he won't help the team sell more tickets. The team is stuck with him taking up a roster spot and a lot of money. That's dead weight.

I think the title of the show comes from the murder victim being weighted down to the bottom of the ocean. I hope that explained it.

Re: Dead weight

I know Susanne Pleshette gave an interview where she said she didn't get on with Falk and he was overbearing or something like that.