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Suitable for framing

Next episode to discuss:
- isn't it an episode in which the first words were latest given? First dialogue is at 5:22 ("you are late", says Dale to Tracy)
- checking his watch all the time by Dale at the exhibition (and his jokes!) - annoying :)
- one painting (I believe this is the same painting which appeared at Dr. Flemming's office in Prescription:Murder) is shown laying on the ground while Dale is creating a "crime scene", the same painting is just hanging on the wall while Tracy is looking around apartment
- I am a fan of policewoman Sally who reconstructed stepping down the stairs
- "they interrupted Rembrandt, why shouldn't they interrupt me?" <--- good line
- so funny to to lieutenant being defeated by his own weapon by the landlady of Tracy
I enjoy so much watching it all again!

Re: Suitable for framing

This really is a great story with so many memorable parts to it. My only small complaint is that Aunt Edna is so, absolutely unlikely to have ever carried out that Murder that Dale would have been better framing any one else.

Yes, I agree the scene with Tracy's landlady going through her photo album and talking Columbo's ears off, is an absolute gem.

Re: Suitable for framing

It has another thing in common with Prescription: Murder. Each one has a female accomplice, and each accomplice is unprepared for the sight of the victim. Those might be the only two episodes with a moment like that (I'm not sure).