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Re: Lady in waiting

The cab driver is being sarcastic because Lt. gave him a small tip.
In other words " Thanks for nothing"

Re: Lady in waiting


To add to Bruce's explanation about the "you're a sport" comment, the word "sport" in English has many, sometimes odd, meanings. In this case, it's used, as Bruce said, sarcastically in the sense of definition 4 under Noun.

As I said, it does have some strange usages. I have never heard the word used as defined in 1b under Noun.:blush:

Re: Lady in waiting

Quid, thank you for that explanation. I mean I knew the general meaning but I didn't know why the word "sport" was used

Re: Lady in waiting

One of the fun things I like to think about from time to time is what happened when Columbo's cases went to court and if the murderers were actually convicted of their crimes?

In some cases I think, without the murderer pleading guilty, several would go free. I think in Beth's case, with there being not actual witness to the crime, her partner's memory could be challenged in court regarding the order of the shots and the alarm, I think with a good legal team she'd walk out of court a free woman.

Re: Lady in waiting

This was not my favorite episode in the series. I just could not get into it for some reason.

Re: Lady in waiting

Along with the blonde actress Matti mentions, it also has Barbara Rhoades as the receptionist who has such a hard time around Columbo's cigar. She of course played the photographer in "Identity Crisis." In this story her character's a lot more "demure," but they're both great.
That makes two episode with both her and Leslie Nielsen (even though they don't really have scenes together).