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Re: Mind Over Mayhem.....the cigar

I always feel the same way when he's going through those uniforms in "Dead Weight." General Hollister worries about him RUFFLING the uniforms, when he should be more worried about that lit cigar right over them!
It's a lot better when Columbo is self-conscious about it.

Re: Mind Over Mayhem.....the cigar

is there a way to search for a post from like a year ago? there was a post about all the cigar odd times per say. maybe 9 months ago.

Re: Mind Over Mayhem.....the cigar

Is this the one Fred?

I typed cigar into the search box, and fortunately (and surprisingly), it was easy to go back one year and browse the thread titles (I would have expected more hits for "cigar.")

I don't know of a way to specify a time range for a search...they are listed chronologically.

Re: Mind Over Mayhem.....the cigar

Thank U