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Short Fuse

Hi guys,

I will continue with my reviews on next episodes I saw :) let's take Short Fuse now:

- I like the music in this episode very much
- when Rodger Stanford is observing Quincy and David Buckner leaving from his car, he takes a look on his car's side window, but if you will take a closer look, the picture is not mirrored at all
- it's again probably because of my english skill, but I don't exactly understand "who lives where". When Columbo sees Rodger for the first time he says that Ms Buckner told him to go for Rodger and she is afraid that he will go straight home. But they meet at Quincy's apartment. So why Columbo went on this address?
- what Columbo and Rodger were doing on the top of that tower where they talk about building a bird house? :)
- I don't understand one part. When Columbo says that Logan wanted to fire Rodger, to make him persuade his aunt. I don't see a reasons for that action
- how did Rodger know where is Quincy's secret place?

Re: Short Fuse

Although I like Roddy McD. This episode really never got it done for me. It just was not entertaining and I can't put my finger on to exactly why. I've watched it several times. It seems to be lacking something. However the boyish character played by Rodger Stanford is definitely entertaining.

Re: Short Fuse

I agree Fred, I think your absolutely right. While it's not too bad an episode it lacks something.

I think that something is empathy for any of the characters. You can't really feal sympathy for any of them which is quite rare for a Columbo episode.

Short Fuse is one of the episodes I tend to go back and watch on the fewest occasions.

Re: Short Fuse

Even though it's entertaining, it's hard to get used to Roddy McDowall playing a really trendy-looking character, in this case an early ' 70s one. Even in the movie THE SUBTERRANEANS, where he plays a beatnik character, he doesn't have the beret and goatee and so on. But everything about Rodger shouts "early '70s" (or at least the usual image people have of it). Even that honor society medal looks more like a trendy medallion (which might be one reason the story has him wearing it all the time).

Re: Short Fuse

Exactly, I didn't think about it before but you don't like almost anyone in this episode :)