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Etude in Black

hello, next review :) I didn't start topic about Blueprint for Murder, because I didn't find any reasons for it, except of the ones that have already been discussed here

- I can say that I like all the episodes when Chopin is being played (and there are at least couple of them), because Chopin is our national treasure :)
- I guess if Alex was at Jenifer's apartment a lot of times, then probably his fingerprints would be almost everywhere there?
- I love the scene on the parking place in fron of garage, when Columbo says "maybe it was not a suicide" and Alex answers "I was thinking exactly the same, but I gave up that idea", Columbo's face expression then... He is laughing and then immediately he becomes serious and asks "why is that?" :D
- traditionaly question about translating - what does "chopsticks" mean? I know that these are things for eatin the rice. Is that a name for any simple song? or this particular melody? or what?

Re: Etude in Black

" chopsticks is the name of a piano piece that was designed for children to play

Re: Etude in Black

That's what I thought. Turns out it's actually a waltz.

Imagine if Columbo had tried that version.

Re: Etude in Black

There's always two things I think of when I think about this episode.

I do love it and I think it's one of the best of the series however, there's one scene that always makes me laugh. When Columbo arives at the murder scene there is a big police officer with a cigar in his mouth. When he talks to Columbo his voice is quite muffled which I presume is due to the fact that he's trying to talk and keep that massive stogie in his mouth at the same time. Then in the next scene he takes the cigar out of his mouth and he sounds exactly the same. It sounds very much like there was an error in the sound mixing and they dubbed that scene. It always makes me laugh.

The second thing I think about is the pretty big plot hole around the car in Mike's garage. What would have happened if Alex couldn't get the car off the ramp or if the car had been left in a condition where he couldn't drive it? Also, the whole thing with the Mechanics not remembering the test drive. The car was only in the garage overnight and there seemed to be only two people working there. It wasn't exactly a difficult thing to remember for them.

Having said all that, like I said above, it is a great episode.

Re: Etude in Black

I remember watching this with my father- big fan!
He scoffed at the notion that the mechanics would bother to note the mileage on the car.
Probably correct. But it wasnt a clue that nailedled him, so I accept it

As far As the mechanics not " remembering" a test drive; Benedict tried to explain that away by saying they wouldn't admit going for a joynride

Re: Etude in Black

Everytime the subject of this episode comes up, I can't help but think and remember cassavetes45. A dear friend to this forum who loved John and this episode. **** I miss her. Columbos greatest fan who left us way too young.

Having said that, I want to make note of one thing that is substantial at the end of this episode. Janice refuses to lie about the whole flower thing and Alex is stunned. He whispers to her that he's guilty and they both know it. Janice would have stood for anything except murder.

Also the subject of Janice's overbearing mother cracks me up. Ordering food for a grown woman in a restaurant. Telling Columbo that everyone is expendable. Especially the Maestro. Then offering Columbo a drink. Classic.