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The Greenhouse Jungle

Next episode review:

- I think Jarvis Goodland is one of the most annoying murderers. He doesn't like anybody, he complains about everything, he is rude, especially for Columbo
- Hairstyle of Tony - brilliant :D
- the scene of falling down the hill mentioned here a lot of times - perfect
- Sergeant Willson says that they stopped using moulage cast, when the plaster swells it makes them appear a half to a full size larger. Is this not an exaggeration?
- 35 minutes passes before murder is comitted. Is that the longest time?
- I love the scene when Columbo plays billiards and makes Jarvis crazy, not telling what his point is for a long time. By the way, it looks like Peter Falk was a good billiard player, because in some scenes along the series he plays it and he does really well!
- I never found Gloria West interesting, but on this forum so many people were telling opinions about her that after all of that whenever I see her again I find her more attractive :)

Re: The Greenhouse Jungle

Love "The Greenhouse Jungle"! In my opinion, this is one of the most underrated episodes. First time we see Columbo before the murder takes place.

I personally love that Jarvis is such a thoroughly unpleasant individual. Almost everyone hates Columbo in this episode, including the victim's wife.

And if it's not the longest time before a murder takes place, it's definitely in the top 10 (I think the longest MIGHT be "Columbo Cries Wolf," but that's the fun of that episode :grin: )

Re: The Greenhouse Jungle

No one could play that kind of role better than Ray Milland.

Re: The Greenhouse Jungle

Indeed almost everyone hates Columbo here. Even Willon says that his methods are different than Columbo's. And yes, I was wrong about the latest death. There are other episodes with later death than here. But to be honest I don't treat No Time To Die as one of the Columbos :)

Re: The Greenhouse Jungle

I think the latest murder occurrence is in Columbo Cries Wolf, where the real murder took place with about 15 minutes left.

Re: The Greenhouse Jungle

I just realized that No Time To Die didn’t have a murder at all, although It did kill my evening’s enjoyment.

Re: The Greenhouse Jungle

I admire Columbo's patience with Mrs. Goodland. She was nasty from the beginning. Columbo never judged her, he was just confused with who Ken Nichols "Friend of the Family", was. When he asked for Mrs. Goodland's whereabouts he wasn't passing judgment like she claimed. He could have let her be arrested and processed before nailing Jarvis, but he was a gentleman about it and ignored all of her insults. He only warmed up to him after he nailed Jarvis and offered her a ride home.

This is one of my favorite episodes. Jarvis was a snob who underestimated Columbo from the beginning. He was willing to murder his closest relative so that he could indulge his hobby. It was nice to see him taken down.