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Dagger of the Mind

A little unusual episode, I saw that the opinions about it are very diverse here. I personaly like it, it has a lot of funny scenes which I like

- they use a lot the word "fella" in this episode. I like that word. Is it still being used often nowadays?
- is really British english so hard to understand for Americans as it is shown here?
- I love the scene when the butler is saying about how the victim was dressed, and Columbo replies "While he was reading? Isn't that something? I can't even stand a necktie". He does it perfectly, and shows how great actor he was
- at the ceremony with coffin Mr Durk slaps some women in the butt :P
- again I like the scene when Columbo tells about Mr Durk that he is showing him around London
- next funny scene for me when Columbo says his father was an Elk once, I'm laughing everytime I see it
- "it's the shrapnel" <--- funny acted
- I think it contains one of the darkest scenes in Columbo, when the maid founds Tanner dead
- very weak final clue with umbrella and bead

Re: Dagger of the Mind

As a Brit, I can answer some of these!
- Yes, some people still use the word ‘fella’. In a friendly “How are you doing, fella?” way.
- I have spent a lot of time in the US, and I can confirm that a lot of Americans have difficulty understanding my accent. I have a neutral accent, too, not one of the stronger regional dialect. It’s why so many Brits end up with a slight American accent as its much easier to submit than to persevere!

One part of this episode always annoys. The ‘mansion’ is located in the US. It’s pretty obvious when the Jaguar car they up in London has thin whit wall tyres, yet when it arrives at the mansion, the white walls are huge. Also, the architecture and ‘details’ of the house really are very British.

Some related trivia: The same house is used in the movie National Treasure 2!