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A Stitch in Crime

The next episode is going to be reviewed:

- Whenever I watch it I always think "why sharon didn't wait a little longer time to call the suture provider?". She knew Dr Mayfield can listen to that :P
- Nita Talbot's character gives a lot of pluses to this episode
- Columbo's monologue about how he missed his lunch and going to be late for a dinner <-- very nice
- I like the girl on the same party with this kerchief on her head (I don't know it that is the proper word) :)
- I always feel sorry for Marsha when she asks "what would you like to do now?" and she is so disappointed with the answer
- immortal question: was Harry Alexander murdered or no? did he survive?
- it contains one of my favorite lines: "maybe she knows more than she's saying" and Columbo answers "actually I think she knows less than she's telling"
- Columbo gets mad, I love that scene. And I like it only BECAUSE he is not used to do that (which was the reason why some people were saying here they don't like this scene)
- what a coincidence that medicine of Dr Hideemann was left unattended for such a long time :)

Re: A Stitch in Crime

It is left of the viewer's imagination to figure out if Harry Alexander lived or died. My guess is he probably lived. I think that doctor Mayfield was just trying to shoot him up with drugs to make him look like a active addict. After he said he was being cleaned up. Overall this was a great episode. I've watched it many times.

Re: A Stitch in Crime

Just watched this episode again for the 100th's amongst my favorites. I think Nimoy is one of the most diabolical criminals in the history of the show. He's smart, cold, calculating, and utterly ruthless. I also got a huge surprise when Columbo get's SO infrequent that it really comes across as special. As I watch this episode of Columbo in 2020 and during this infernal pandemic, it give me comfort, and much like Jeremy Brett in the Granada Sherlock Holmes, Columbo is ageless and as fresh today as it was when it first arrived on our tv's so long ago.