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Re: Etude in Black

I remember watching this with my father- big fan!
He scoffed at the notion that the mechanics would bother to note the mileage on the car.
Probably correct. But it wasnt a clue that nailedled him, so I accept it

As far As the mechanics not " remembering" a test drive; Benedict tried to explain that away by saying they wouldn't admit going for a joynride

Re: Etude in Black

Everytime the subject of this episode comes up, I can't help but think and remember cassavetes45. A dear friend to this forum who loved John and this episode. **** I miss her. Columbos greatest fan who left us way too young.

Having said that, I want to make note of one thing that is substantial at the end of this episode. Janice refuses to lie about the whole flower thing and Alex is stunned. He whispers to her that he's guilty and they both know it. Janice would have stood for anything except murder.

Also the subject of Janice's overbearing mother cracks me up. Ordering food for a grown woman in a restaurant. Telling Columbo that everyone is expendable. Especially the Maestro. Then offering Columbo a drink. Classic.