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Re: Requiem For A Falling Star

I have mixed feelings about this episode. I love how exaggeratedly phony Hollywood comes off (or is it accurate?) but the clues are not the best, i.e. the Shriner's ring.

I always thought that Columbo was kind of a jerk to Nora. He brought her down to see the burned car, right after being warned to go easy on her. He also got all excited and gave her the celebrity treatment, calling his brother-in-law, etc., right after her close friend was killed. It was insensitive to say the least.

Regarding the comment when Jerry says: "You can't get a warrant for what's in here", meaning you can force him to show his written files, but not his personal thoughts, Nora's comeback is hilarious: "You can't get busfare for what's in there".

Busfare is not particularly expensive, so I guess Nora is saying that Jerry's brain is not worth very much. My wife is Mexican so I understand how hard it is to translate puns.

Re: Requiem For A Falling Star

Thank you :) now it seems obvious after what you have said