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Re: Thoughts On The "Newer" Episodes

Good reply, Pete! I concur with the later episodes not being on par, overall, with the original shows, but they do have a few good moments. I've reconsidered the critique I posted in the earlier thread, concerning the music, which I'd like to qualify. I think when Patrick Williams scored the final quartet of Columbo episodes - "Try and Catch Me", "Make Me a Perfect Murder", "How to Dial a Murder" and "The Conspirators" - he set a standard for TV movies which most feature films cannot surpass. He and John Cacavas kept it up in Season 8. Humorous, spirited, original, moody and spot on - their scores for those episodes are among the best in the series. I found the latter episodes of the later years to be disappointing in the music department, quite possibly due to Williams not doing anything after the abysmal "No Time to Die". I suppose I should watch that disaster again just to see if, at least, the score was passable. Such was the case with "Grand Deceptions". The movie was mediocre at best, but the score was terrific.