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Editing and deleting

Maybe it isn't a big deal, but what has happened with the "Edit this post" and "Delete this post" functions on the site?

Re: Editing and deleting

As far as I can tell, it still works the same as always. When you post, a message appears at the bottom, telling you that you have 59 minutes to edit or delete afterward -- after that window, you can no longer edit or delete. If anyone accidentally posts something you later regret or want to delete, let me know and I can log in to the admin tool and do that for you (but, I can only delete that way, not edit). There's a "contact the author" link on the site. I think there are times you may have trouble getting the edit button to appear, if you close the browser(?), go to a different PC, etc, but I don't know the details of that. Hope that helps.

Re: Editing and deleting

Thank you.