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Re: Any Old Port In A Storm

After Carsini,Karen and Columbo finished their dinner in the restaurant; i likethe way Carsini says he can't wait to see what Columbo has selected for the after dinner wine. Like it's a given that everyone does this.
It's Pleasance's great performance that makes this episode so rewatchable.
I loved the moment in the car when he chuckles " heh, note -book"

Re: Any Old Port In A Storm

Agree. Pleasance definitely makes this episode one that I like to watch it over again.

Re: Any Old Port In A Storm

Columbo wanted to know if it rained on Tuesday because Rick‘’s car was left uncovered. Who would leave a convertible top down in the rain. Especially if they loved their car. Since, the coroner reported the death to have occurred on Tuesday, the car was probably planted after the fact because the inside was dry.

Re: Any Old Port In A Storm

I think i read on this site that this episode was Peter's favorite episode!