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Candidate for a Crime

A next episode to discuss. I like this one, final clue is good, some funny moments too.
- if Linda is his wife's secretary, why is she involved in any work tasks for Hayward? What's his wife proffesion anyway?
- I am a big fan of the scene in Hayward's office. A lot of good stuff. "so far sir, we don't have a thing. Officially. And unofficially? Unofficially we don't have a thing either" hehe. All this methotds Columbo uses to irritate Hayward are brilliant. Not getting straight to the point, mentioning his family etc. And I guess this keeps the record for amount of "just one more thing sir" in one scene. I think he comes back to the office maybe even five times
- Tailor scene is great. Do you think Columbo really was thinking about buying a jacket? :) He was so persuasive with his story (affair, 17,50 a couple :D) that he really looked like he wanted that jacket. Plus this third guy there (tailor or whatever), he doesn't even say a word, but he is brilliant :)
- I always thought it was a little risky for Hayward to go to the balcony just to shoot. Somebody from window from buildings around could see that
_ I don't think the sound of firework could be heard from balcony, because in the room were a lot of people and music

Re: Candidate for a Crime

As far as small parts, it also has Jack Riley as the impatient TV director. I don't know if you know THE BOB NEWHART SHOW, but he had one of the funniest roles on it.