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"Columbo Story"--lost documentary from 1975(?)


I have a subscription to and the other day I saw a listing for a late night docu shown on 7th October 1975 called "Columbo Story".

The listing says: "Interview with producer Everett Chambers about production problems, story selection of the show 'Columbo'".

It was a half-hour show, shown on KHQ-TV, which is an NBC affiliate based in Spokane, Washington.

Anyone able to shed any further light on this..? That's all I've got for now.

Intriguing, no?


Re: "Columbo Story"--lost documentary from 1975(?)

Yes, i would be interested. I even would take some outtakes or behind the scenes footage, etc. Would love to see anything new if anyone knows of anything.

Re: "Columbo Story"--lost documentary from 1975(?)

I bet the goofs and outtakes from the series are hilarious. If anybody finds them please post a link here cuz I would like to see that

Re: "Columbo Story"--lost documentary from 1975(?)

I don't think there is much out there. I asked about outtakes or goofs a while back and didn't get any response. I'm sure some of the long time members on this forum would know. So, anyone out there know of any video?