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Painting in Suitable for Framing

Has anyone ever noticed: After Dale kills his uncle he runs up the stairs to get the electric blanket. On the wall at the top of the stairs, just to the right of the support column, is a painting that Dale later makes fun of at the gallery he visits for his alibi. He was impressing the ladies with his wit. He looks at the painting of a young man in a light blue toga (the same painting on the wall at the top of the stairs at his uncle's house) and says something like, "It's not a matter of his masculinity, it's just the way the artist saw him." Does the gallery have a copy? Surely his uncle must only have originals. The way he was carrying on you'd think he would have made mention that he was familiar with that painting, if, indeed, it was supposed to be a copy of his uncle's original. Any thoughts?

Re: Painting in Suitable for Framing

My thought is that you made a great catch. Every time i think all the details have been analyzed to death on this forum, we keep finding new tidbits! Looks like overlooked by the prop department.

Re: Another Painting

If you like that one here's another that you might get a kick out of. In the first regular season episode, "Murder by the Book", they display a beautiful portrait of the fictitious character, Mrs. Melville. If you look carefully at another episode, specifically, "The Bye Bye Sky-High I.Q. Murder Case", you will see that same portrait at the back of the main room where everyone is listening to Kenneth Mars talk. Look for it just after his talk is over and he goes back to his seat. He actually passes right in front of it.

Re: Another Painting

Will check it out next time. Thanks! and i'll try myself to look for these little details. It would be interesting if someone ever notices a prop from Columbo in another Universal tv show from the 70's.

Re: Another Painting

Actually I have, I think, I believe the Archer statue (from Death Lends a Hand) was in something else. When I figure it out I'll let you know. It may have been from a Banacek, just not sure. (By the way, my M. stands for Mark.)