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Posting Pictures???

I wanted to show some unusual "multiple" appearances by bit players and include pictures to help with identification and visualization, but I'm not sure how to post pictures here. Maybe you can't??? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Re: Posting Pictures???

Hi John! Sounds interesting -- I hope you will post them. What this Forum needs is either what's called a bbcode, or an html link (the kind that starts with < href, not just with http). BBCode is easier, using the method I'll show here.

I have described here a couple of times over the years about how to add images to your posts, but the various services change over time. At this point I think the most commonly avaailable and user-friendly method is to use the Imgur site, . Here is one set of steps.

1) At, upload the image, using the green "New Post" button near the top-left of the Imgur homepage. . I don't think it is necessary to open an account and login (although I do use one, which is free).

2) Once the image is uploaded, you'll see it displayed. HOVER your mouse-pointer over the top-right area of the image, and you will get a little POP-UP that says "Copy link", with a smaller box to the right of it that has 2 dots ("..."). Do NOT click "Copy link". Instead, click on the 3 dots. This will open a little box below it, with several options to click, including "GET SHARE LINKS". Click on "GET SHARE LINKS".

3) This will get you a list of the types of links you can create. Go to "BBCode (Forums)", as shown here, and click on the "Copy" button. This will copy the link that you need to past into your Forum message. (Do not use the final choice, which they call "Linked BBCode".

When composing your Forum message, use the Preview option under the box, to make sure it's working. It's pretty simple. You can insert multiple HTML or BBCode links into a message.

Have fun!

Re: Posting Pictures???

You can ignore the mention in my last post, of NOT using the share option called "Linked BBCode". You will not see that option, using the method I described. Just used the plain "BBCode" one , as shown in the screenshot.

Re: Posting Pictures???

Thank you, Ted! I will give it a shot later on and see how well I do.