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Re: Columbo Quote Quiz: ANSWERS


1. Columbo to Pangborn in Swan Song
2. Nobody guessed this one. It was from Butterflies in Shades of Grey. Fielding to Columbo
3. Dolores to Harold in "A Bird in the Hand"
4. Columbo goes to College. Cooper's father said it
5. An Excercise in Fatality. Janus to Columbo
6.. Negative Reaction. The driving instructor, Weekly, to Columbo regarding A. Deschler.
7. That was from Uneasy Lies the Crown. Back and forth from Columbo and wes corman,
8. Dr. Collier to Columbo in A Deadly State of Mind
9. Agenda For Murder. Oscar Finch to Columbo
10. This was also from A Deadly State of Mind when Collier sees the boy and the dog at the very end.
11. Columbo to Watkins at the end of Troubled Waters.
12. A Bird in the Hand . Columbo to the car salesman.
13. Nobody got this one. It was Carsini to Columbo during their first meeting,
14. Ransom for a Dead Man. Columbo to Margaret
15. Mafia dude to Columbo at the end of Columbo Likes the Nightlife.

Re: Columbo Quote Quiz: ANSWERS

regarding 10. Wasn't it from Murder Can Be Hazardous For Your Health? I don't remember any boy in Deadly State of Mind