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Re: Forgotten Lady

Yes the clue at the end is a little bit absurd. Because there's a thousand reasons why she's not in the filming room not that she's upstairs in her husband's room firing a pistol

Re: Forgotten Lady

Love the episode despite its flaw in the clue because the performances led by Janet Leigh is what sells everything. In the hands of another actress maybe Grace would have come off differently, but it's the fact that I saw in Grace Wheeler the same damaged innocent quality Janet brought in "Psycho" that sold me completely, combined with the heartbreak so obvious in John Payne's performance.

I was glad at least in the world of fanfic I was able to get Dr. Beckett of Quantum Leap to "set right" the story of Grace and Ned. :)

I also get a kick out of the fact that the pairing of Maurice Evans and Linda Scott as a married couple is the only case I know of where a former Batman villain (the Puzzler) is married to a former Batman henchmoll! (Scott was a Riddler henchmoll in one episode).