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A Case Of Immunity

I don't want to miss any of episodes with making my comments but to be honest I don't have much to this one, it's somehow different, and I never liked it so much.
Lately I like it more but still not among my favourites.
- I rather like funny moments here, Columbo's stepping on the robe, almost ruining valuable things
- I enjoy a presence of Brioni Farrell, very good looking!
- maybe I am wrong but I see a little similarity between one guy from kitchen (during King's visit), the most fat gut, and the bartenderfrom Friend In Deed. While Hugh was pretending that he speaks with his wife
- Columbo is always funny when speaking about clothes. "This shoes are new, 16.95" :D
- when did Columbo have time to speak with king and arrange all of this, if he was threwn away from the party?
- and how did the king escape from the plane? I never understood that, and it bothers me every time

Re: A Case Of Immunity

Yeah, the plane thing always bothered me, too. Hassan Salah watches The King board the plane AND watches the plane take off. But then The King says, "You saw the airplane depart, but it departed without me at the suggestion of my friend, Lt. Columbo." Well, what did he do - enlist the help of The Great Santini? How did he get off the plane without Salah seeing him? The only possible explanation is that when Salah turned around to get in the car, they somehow rushed The King off the plane and hid him in the runway somewhere. I guess we'll give them a little liberty here. Always enjoyed this episode.