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Last Salute To The Commodore

ok, and the time has come to share my feelings with one of the weirdest episodes ever. Just to begin: I never liked it, as most of the fans,
I don't like the broken formula of typical Columbo, I don't like behavior of all the characters there, but it still has some pluses, if I can say that...
- for me the biggest plus of this episode is it's atmosphere, I love this blue sky (unfortunately in my place it is totaly not like that), yachts, Los Angeles and so on... even if the plot is poor, the atmoshpere of the place makes a difference
- can you imagine commodore smiling? I can't. He is so embittered.. the saddest victim ever in Columbo
- everybody acts so weird in this episode... And we have a lot of good cast: Robert Vaughn, Wilfrid Hyde-White, Fred Draper, John Dehner...
- how did Charles transport the body into the yacht without being noticed?
- it contains one of the funniest lines in Columbo "I'd like to make a preliminary check, if you don't mind" and the answer is "no no no, I like everythinkg preliminary" :D
- to say it very simple, what is bothering most in this episode is that Columbo is not Columbo here.. he is a different person
- everytime I watch it, it becomes more strange for me, as a matter of fact I could write a comment about every sentence in this episone and every scene, it is so weird..
- why everytime when on this forum answer of Swanny is mentioned everybody calls it "tisn't"? and not "it isn't"? I know he says it fast but I guess most of Americans do that right? And this is one and the only case when I saw spelling "tisn't". Why is that?
- gotcha moment is the weakest ever

Re: Last Salute To The Commodore

Even though it shows up as "It isn't" in the captioning on the DVD, I think he says "T'isn't (because he likes to talk in a colorful way).

Re: Last Salute To The Commodore

I never understood the hatred for this episode. Clever plot twist, amusing characters, delightfully absurd moments, fun ending. What’s not to like? Just relax and have some fun!

Re: Last Salute To The Commodore

I saw it again less than a week ago, and I'm still fond of it.