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Website with Columbo short stories?

Help Columbo fans!

I remember a website >10 years ago that listed a few Columbo short stories, each maybe about a 30-45 minute read, and all very good. I can't find it anymore. Does anyone here recall such a thing? There were 5-6 stories. I don't remember if they were all the same author or not.

- It was NOT the William Harrington paperbacks. Similar though, but way shorter. I have read a few of these, and enjoyed them.

- I know that the Columbophile website has a contest of 200-word short stories. That's not it. They were much longer.

- I don't think they were from the Columbo Collection by William Link. But it's possible! If indeed they were lifted from here, a copyright violation could explain why I can't find them anymore!

I have not read these yet, has anyone here?

Re: Website with Columbo short stories?

Could it be "Just One More Paragraph"?
The site doesn't work anymore.
I don't know if it is the website you're looking for: there were more than 5-6 stories and they were written by different authors.
I should have some of them somewhere.

Re: Website with Columbo short stories?

That may have been it.

It was several computers ago and for some reason I didn't save the bookmarks, or like you said, the link got broken somewhere along the way and I just forgot about it. I never saved any of them to disk, but yeah there very well could've been way more than 5-6. Different authors actually makes sense because they were all different.