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Re: Murder by the Book - 2 Points

Bruce Marshall
Except for DNA evidence, forensics could obtain and identify a lot of physical evidence in that era.
Certainly hair and blood.

It wasn't exactly the Dark Ages.
...also fiber, paint etc.

Re: Murder by the Book - 2 Points

I know nothing about forensics, but I know what you mean by that. Often someone commenting on some earlier story will say "That wouldn't happen NOW." But in a lot of cases, the same thing probably also wouldn't happen THEN. Or at least it wouldn't be that common.

Re: Murder by the Book - 2 Points

It always amazes me how many killers wipe the gun to obscure their prints but they seldom wipe the shell cases or wear gloves when loading the gun.

Re: Murder by the Book - 2 Points

Ward Fowler learned that lesson the hard way in “Fade in to Murder”.