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Butterfly in Shades Of Grey

Not bad episode, even one of the better from newer seried for me. I don't have much comments this time, but here we go:
- I think most memorable thing from this episode is Fielding's mustache :)
- this mustache are darker while commiting a murder
- it is impossible that Gerry didn't hear Fielding talking just behind his back..
- how did Fielding knew that there will be a second telephone in other room? have he ever been in his house before?
- looks like this telephone has a really long wire, that he moved with it :)
- I'm quite surprised that Mrs Columbo is not a fan of Fielding Chase

Re: Butterfly in Shades Of Grey

Matti, to several of your points:

* Talking Behind His Back - yes, I have always found it hard to believe that someone as sharp as Gerry wouldn't have heard or thought something was funny when Fielding started talking behind his back.

* Been There Before - actually, Columbo establishes that Chase was there previously for Gerry's birthday party.

* This is one of the better of the new episodes. I like the line where the policeman says to Columbo that "we have an EAR witness".

Re: Butterfly in Shades Of Grey

Along with WOLF...AGENDA...the best of the revival eps