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Death Hits the Jackpot

One of the best episodes in newer series, the only bad thing is that when I watch it I know that there are olny couple of episodes until the end of series
- "how about come dressed as your favourite millionaire other than yourself". This line always made me annoyed :) And reaction of his wife
- quite cruel murder in this episode
- the ex wife was completely stupid. It looks like uncle Leon told her about the whole thing so she should have decided to take 15 millions instead of making herself an accomplice of murder. Very strange for me
- how could Nancy pretend to have a male voice when she was calling?
- maybe the longest time when Columbo doesn't appear on the screen? he appears at 32:14
- Trish seems to be a nice lady :)
- why Columbo was asked to come it it looked like the bath accident?
- Columbo says he has a 25th anniversary of marriage. But in the episode "rest in peace Mrs Columbo" he says they have been married for 28/29 years
- maybe that is the only time when we know that murderer has a son (although he is never seen)

Re: Death Hits the Jackpot

In Mind Over Mayhem dr. Cahill has a son.

There's a couple of things that bothered me about this episode. 1 is if Fred Brower would have just split the money with his wife he still would have had plenty of money to live out the rest of his life very comfortably with.

The second thing is that good old Uncle Leon would have been well taken care of. So greed comes into play here in two different people. Does murder really didn't even need to happen. But driven by greed it did