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A Trace of Murder - 25th Anniversary

Not the best one for me. Has some good moments, sometimes funny, maybe this is this forensic guy who annoys me so much. I don't like this role at all
- I have some strange sympathy to Clifford in this episode. I would even say he is my best character in this episode! you can say he is not a nice person at all, but I still like him
- in my humble opinion from the all episodes she was in, Shera Danese looks here the most pretty
- I don't like the fact that police forensic guy is involved in the murder. This kind of scenario was much more enjoyable in A Friend in Deed
- the murder itself is kind of repulsive. I don't mean shot, but the whole circumstances, lying about daughter, talking "nice" with an innocent guy just before shooting him
- how did they know that the victim got a cat?
- there are some funny moments in this episode, for example: "so, if you'll just answer a couple of questions, I'll be out of your hair", and reaction of bald Clifford is good :)
- it always bothered me a little that when Columbo reconstructs the scene in the coffee bar, when Patrick gives her the NutraSweet, this close up looks totally different than he did in the original shot. Why is it not the same?

Re: A Trace of Murder - 25th Anniversary

I actually like this episode, but I agree that the forensics cop, Patrick, is annoying and the actor who plays him is wooden.

Usually the clues in a Columbo episode are somewhat subtle: changing the desk clock, scuff marks on a newly waxed floor, toenails in a toilet bowl, etc. lol. In this episode we have the director practically freeze time when Patrick passes the milk to Mrs. Calvert. Then we have an entire reenactment as Columbo explains what happened later in the diner. It seems like they had a hard time filling up two hours with this episode.

There is a scene where Columbo and Patrick are interviewing Mr. and Mrs. Calvert with their lawyer and, upon leaving, Patrick says: “Have a great day”. Mrs. Calvert snootily replies: “I don’t see what’s so great about it”.

Patrick then shoots her a glance which I don’t quite understand. Was he trying to tell her not to overdo it? It was a strange scene. I wonder if anyone else has a theory of what this scene was about.