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Ashes To Ashes

One of the best ones for me in the new series. The only problem with it is that I know it is the last good episode (in my opinion). After it you only have two more which I don't particulary like. And that means a longer break from Columbo again
- when Verity says "I'm broadcasting this Sunday night at eight, live", then reaction of McGoohan is very funny :)
- way of killing just like in Identity Crisis
- many references to other episodes here. Action with stories on computer almost like in Murder Can Be Hazardous For Your Health
- I think I like the interaction and small behaving between Falk and McGoohan here the most from the episodes they were together. The way McGoohan is speaking is funny. "Lt. Combo? - Columbo!! say that I say hello too" :)
- "so you counselled Mrs Houston right through till this morning?" <-- hehe I love that line
- Mr Lerby looks really small (!!!) in this bag (I don't know the english word for those bags for death bodies)
- is it real thing that this kind of galas for "funeral director of the year" happen? :D
- Columbo says his cousin drives a cab and showed him meaning of HB shortcut. But we all know he was told that by some black guy, some taxi driver. Do you think it is an inside joke? as a reference that Columbo always mentiones members of his family?
- when they sit at hearse, Prince leaves and Columbo wants to stay, then Prince tells him "make yourself at home" <-- also good one

Re: Ashes To Ashes

They are called body bags.

Re: Ashes To Ashes

I have never heard of a big party for the "Undertaker of the Year", but I'm sure that like every industry, they have conventions and they may dole out awards.

I noticed that a lot of Columbo killers are at the peak of their careers. Paul Galesko is making a big comeback, Dr. Mayfield was about to release his new research, Carsini was just voted Man of the Year, Findlay Crawford's music was being celebrated, Justin Price was having his own nightclub's grand opening, etc. So I guess they thought an undertaker deserved the same, lol.

I found all of the undertaker jokes about as amusing as Eric Prince did.

Re: Ashes To Ashes

The " Undertaker of the Year" awards was a way of satirising Hollywood's habit of endless awards and self- congratulatory events.