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Favorite Columbo "Partner"

With the sad news today of Bruce Kirby's passing, I thought it would be good to post the next of the "Favorite" lists/votes that I had in mind.

Which Columbo "partner" was your favorite?

Several nominees:

Sgt. Kramer - Bruce Kirby

Sgt. Wilson (Frederic and John J.) - Bob Dishy

Det. Murray - Dabney Coleman

Dt. Sgt. Arthur Brown - Harrison Page

Sgt. Burke - several different actors

Re: Favorite Columbo "Partner"

I'm going to go a bit esoteric here. Not sure he qualifies as a partner since he was Columbo's superior, and he only appeared once, but Captain Wyler who collaborated with Columbo in nailing Dale Kingston in the "gotcha" scene in "Suitable for Framing."

It wasn't a big role, but Barney Phillips was such a classic TV character actor that I always stop and take notice when I see him on a show.

His career spanned from the original "Dragnet" to the "Dukes of Hazards."

Fans of "The Twilight Zone" will remember him in that classic Martians episode and he played the original business partner of Miss Kitty in the 1/2 hour Gunsmoke episodes.

Re: Favorite Columbo "Partner"

It isn't just because of today, but I'd have to say Bruce Kirby.
Though I like all of the others.

And I agree about Barney Philips being such a reliable character actor.

(The same with Jason Wingreen, who has an even smaller role in Short Fuse. I always wish he'd had a little more to do in that role.)

Re: Favorite Columbo "Partner"

Yes, Barney Phillips was a terrific actor and I enjoyed him in "Suitable for Framing", along with the classic "Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up?".

Re: Favorite Columbo "Partner"

Leaning towards Bob Dishy as Sgt. Wilson. Like his quirks and the way he may get under Columbo's skin at times but still helps him with is knowledge of latest techniques,etc.

Still can't remember about why his first name changed. I know there was a post a while back i'll have to look for.

Re: Favorite Columbo "Partner"

Cool! I never heard of the reason and would be interested in reading about it.

I always enjoyed Bob Dishy, too, although his "investigatory procedures do differ somewhat from the Lt." Every time I see him on Law & Order I can't help but think of Sgt. Wilson.

Re: Favorite Columbo "Partner"

I have to go with Bruce Kirby. He also played a good role as the TV repairman on make me a perfect murder.

Re: Favorite Columbo "Partner"

"Your dog will love it."

Re: Favorite Columbo "Partner"

I'm a little surprised Dennis Dugan as "Mac" hasn't been mentioned. Of course, that episode doesn't get a lot of affection, but I don't think much of that is due to him.