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Re: Columbo Sports Quiz #1

9. "No problem, Lieutenant. Bet the winners. I always bet the winners."

I think this was Graham McVeigh in Strange Bedfellows.

When I think back about that episode, for some reason I always think that's John Goodman!

Re: Columbo Sports Quiz #1

I'm pretty sure 6 is "Greenhouse Jungle." The game is pool, and Columbo says it to Jarvis Goodland.

Re: Columbo Sports Quiz #1

I'm pretty sure 6 is "Greenhouse Jungle." The game is pool, and Columbo says it to Jarvis Goodland.
the only episode I remember Columbo playing pool is How to Dial a Murder.

Re: Columbo Sports Quiz #1

3. Lily la Sank and Cassidy MURDER BY THE BOOK
DR. Kepple on the fairway in DOUBLE EXPOSURE

Columbo Sports Quiz # 1 ANSWERS

1. DEATH LENDS A HAND - Golf - Columbo to Ken Archer (Correct)
2. DEAD WEIGHT - Fishing - Columbo to Gen. Hollister (Correct)
3. MURDER BY THE BOOK - Swimming - Ken Franklin to Lily LaSanka (Correct)
4. EXERCISE IN FATALITY - Exercise (treadmill, in this case) - Columbo to Milo Janus (Correct)
5. MURDER IN MALIBU - Tennis - Wayne Jennings (Correct) - I thought this one would be hard, but I was wrong! Good job!
6. GREENHOUSE JUNGLE - Pool - Columbo to Jarvis Goodland (Correct)
7. DOUBLE EXPOSURE - Golf - Columbo to Dr. Kepple (Correct) - love this scene
8. MOST CRUCIAL GAME - Football - Columbo to Paul Hanlon (Correct)
9. UNEASY LIES THE CROWN - Horse Racing - Wesley Corman to Columbo (Incorrect)
10. MOST DANGEROUS MATCH - Chess - Emmit Clayton to reporter (Not answered)
11. IDENTITY CRISIS - Shooting - Columbo to Shooting Gallery operator (Not answered)
12. BLUEPRINT FOR MURDER - Tennis - Jennifer Williamson to Elliot Markham just before she discovers Bo's hat (Not answered)

Congrats! I'll try to post Quiz #2 later this week.

Re: Columbo Sports Quiz # 1 ANSWERS

Those were good questions. It’s hard to stump a fanatic, but you got me on a couple.

Re: Columbo Sports Quiz # 1 ANSWERS

Haha- Thanks, Pete! I wanted to make it a little challenging without being too obvious on too many.

I've been a bit busy this week, but I'm working on Quiz#2 and should have it out in a couple of days.