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Re: Wilfred Hyde-White

I haven't seen it in some time, but he's very good in MY FAIR LADY. I think he has the famous line "By George, I think she's got it!"

I'm not sure about other COLUMBO roles, but he could've had some good ones.

Re: Wilfred Hyde-White

If you mean roles that other actors had, it's easy to imagine him as British characters, of course. Like Raymond in "Forgotten Lady," the captain or the purser or the doctor in "Troubled Waters," or even Adrian Carsini.

It just occurred to me, but even though the character isn't supposed to be British, he might have made a good David Lang. I can kind of imagine him making those "catty" remarks about Viveca in place of Vincent Price!

Re: Wilfred Hyde-White

Grant excellent choices for him. I especially agree with the fact that he would have made a great Butler in Forgotten Lady. He would also be a great funeral parlor assistant in Ashes to Ashes working with Prince ( P. McGoohan.)

Re: Wilfred Hyde-White

I was reading about Vincent Price and I was quite surprised to find out that he’s not British. He’s from St. Louis and went to Yale. A lot of actors back then practiced a “midlantic” accent so that they could work in either the U.S. or U.K. The midlantic dialect is interesting because it didn’t occur naturally, it was taught in theater and elocution classes and only spoken by certain types of entertainment professionals.

So that’s why Price sounded British.