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Murder can be hazardous to your health what if

Just before Budd Clarke dies due to the sabotaged cigarettes, Wade Anders proposes to split the show and work together, Budd refuses saying he wants Wade to resign, meanwhile he's smoking and dies within 1 minute.

I think it's pretty obvious Wade knew Budd wouldn't have accepted, but had he accepted, would he have stopped him from smoking those cigarettes?

I think it'd have been suspicious, or maybe was he just trying to buy time and would've let him smoke the sabotaged cigarettes even if he accepted?

Re: Murder can be hazardous to your health what if

That’s a great question! I agree that Wade probably knew Budd would refuse, but... aside from that, Wade would always know that the tape is in Budd’s hands. So I think he’d have let him smoke the cigarettes anyway - just like Paul Gerard was planning all along to let Vittorio drink the poisoned wine.

Re: Murder can be hazardous to your health what if

Thanks for the answer and for saying it's a great question, I'm very curious and I often search this forum for some details like this, couldn't find anything about this part anywhere.

I think it makes sense, cause with the tape in Budd's hands, there's no saying he wouldn't blackmail him in a second moment, just like Justin mentioned to Vanessa in the last columbo episode ever, saying that no matter the amount of money they had given to the blackmailer, he would've never stopped asking for more, since he had pictures proving Vanessa killed her ex-husband, I think he was.