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Re: Columbo-In real life

LOL - Great story, Mark. I think only my wife knows when I'm using a "Columboism".

Re: Columbo-In real life

My wife and I just off the tennis court here in our development. A guy, who I later found out is named Fred, came to the fence to ask me how much longer he thought we'd be. I told him, "in about three seconds," after we collected our tennis balls. We did so and chatted with him for a few moments. As we turned to walk home, I noticed we'd missed a ball on the court. The guy got to the ball first and tossed it across the court to me.

I responded, in my best Columbo voice, "Thank you, Fred", making sure to run the words together as he did in "Last Salute to the Commodore".

Re: Columbo-In real life

Maybe I've never done it out loud, but when I think someone is making big assumptions, I think of that as "cigar ashes" (after Milo Janus).