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4th of July Columbo

Happy 4th to everybody both in the US and abroad! Question: what’s a good “Columbo” episode for viewing in Independence Day?

I’d suggest (and you all will groan) “Grand Deceptions”. There’s a fireworks show, of course. Martial music. “Military” setting. And the Civil War motif running throughout. Give it a shot!

Of course we all know the obvious choice here…

Have fun and stay safe!

Re: 4th of July Columbo

'By Dawns Early Light' seems like a good one. After all, Colonel Rumford says Founder's Day is a very special day. and make sure your shoes are

Re: 4th of July Columbo

and there is one BIG FIREWORK.

Re: 4th of July Columbo

Lol better call the bootle-boy!

Re: 4th of July Columbo

Agreed. By Dawns Early Light is an excellent episode for the occasion