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Columbo Prop Department Getting Lazy???

We're all (mostly) familiar with the reappearance of Mrs. Melville in "The Bye Bye Sky High IQ Murder Case", but I'm always on the look out for other instances of the Columbo Prop Department slipping in repeat items. I believe I've found another one. While watching William Shatner slog his way through "Butterfly in Shades of Grey", I noticed his tie in the opening scene - a maroonish-red with a blue and white pattern on it and I realized I'd seen this tie before somewhere - and it's not in my closet. Suddenly, it hit me. It was the same tie the fetching Faye Dunaway had bought for our favorite detective in the previous episode, "It's All in the Game".

Re: Columbo Prop Department Getting Lazy???

Nice catch!! I never noticed that. Speaking of Fielding Chase, I strongly suspect that his house is also Dr. Joan Allenby’s residence from “Sex and the Married Detective (with the sunken loving room and two-sided fireplace).

Re: Columbo Prop Department Getting Lazy???

I'm usually terrible at this, but the notorious thermos from Swan Song shows up in Publish Or Perish.

Re: Columbo Prop Department Getting Lazy???

I'll have to remember to look for that one.