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Re: Shooting Columbo - New Columbo book available

You'll enjoy it, Ted! I ended up learning a lot. I think my only quibble was that he would sometimes overlook the names of guest killers and guest cast on certain episodes (especially the initial seasons) and he made one mistake in his "Prescription Murder" write-up by calling Joan Hudson "Susan" which was the character's name in the stage play. But for those of us who never understood or realized the difficulties that went on behind the scenes between Falk and studio/network executives, now we know.

When there was casting information it was really priceless. Can you picture Lloyd Bridges or Robert Ryan in "Dead Weight"? Edward Asner in "By Dawn's Early Light"? Robert Wagner in "Suitable For Framing"? Probably the most off the wall idea of them all was Falk wanting Peter Sellers for "Negative Reaction"! (not even remotely possible under the budget but the idea of Columbo vs. Clouseau is an idea you can't shake after reading that).

Re: Shooting Columbo - New Columbo book available

Just requested it from my library.
Thanks for the heads up

Re: Shooting Columbo - New Columbo book available

Great tidbits, Eric! Thanks for the insights and appetizers.

Re: Shooting Columbo - New Columbo book available

I asked my library to order this and they did!
I wonder if it discusses the change of the ending in PRESCRIPTION MURDER?
And, the original script for ETUDE.
I'll find out soon!